Wake up rested and fresh, regardless of the season and outside temperature. The peaceful and deep sleep is essential for health and mood during the day. But to be the sleep undisturbed it is necessary to secure an appropriate environment. Often you are not sure what kind of comforter set to choose in order not to feel very hot or cold at night. Forget the heavy blankets in the winter. How much warm the comforter keeps is not confused with its weight. A light blanket full of fluff silicone has excellent insulating qualities. We can offer such duvets and comforters. Silicone fluff is an environmentally friendly product, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Silicone fibers are characterized by softness, elasticity, and ability for maximum filling of forms. Quilt filled with silicon do not deform and wrinkle, they are washable, do not keep dust and retain their shape even after prolonged use. The warmth of the blanket is determined by the weight of silicon down per square meter. Summer blanket is with weight 60-150 grams per square meter, spring and autumn coverlet is with weight 200 grams per square meter and winter quilt is with weight 300 grams per square meter. With its fine fiber they easily pass the air, do not brew and do not overheat the body. They provide the perfect temperature for sleep. To protect the coverlet of dirt is better to use a duvet cover set. Duvet cover protects the quilt and so it rarely needs to be cleaned. We also offer a wide selection of bedding sets to complement and facilitate your choice. Besides filling important for the quilt is the material from which it is produced. Coverlet sets made from sateen are soft, tight and very beautiful. Sateen fabric is made of 100% pure cotton with 200 TC (thread counts) per square inch and special weaving – four over / one under threads. Design varies in different colors and effects, giving a huge choice of the most appropriate range corresponding to the interior of your bedroom.