Present sweet and warm dreams to you and your family when temperatures fluctuate during the fall and spring season. Pamper your body as enfold it with a soft and delicate quilt made from BeddingEU. Our percale cotton duvet sets will change the atmosphere in your home and will diversify and brighten it. Choosing percale bed linens you will turn your dream into a new experience. We know how important sleep is for your mental and physical health. That’s why we offer to you high-quality bed sets to ensure your comfort and healthy sleep. Comforter sets made from percale are characterized by exceptional strength, softness, and durability. It is sewn from 100% high quality and organic cotton. Percale is gentle, soft and with extremely high endurance. The technique of weaving the fabric is one over / one under thread. It makes the material naturally smooth, regardless of the number of threads. Percale is resistant to shrinkage after repeated washing and with the years gets milder. It makes percale a great choice for everyday usage. Our comforters are filled with silicon down. Silicone fluff is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic product. It is characterized by elasticity and softness. Quilt filled with silicon do not wrinkle and deform. They are washable, do not keep dust and retain their shape even after everyday usage. The warmth of the quilt is determined by the weight of silicon down per square meter. Summer blanket is with weight 60-150 g. per square meter, winter quilt is with weight 300 g. per square meter, spring and autumn coverlet is with weight 200 g. per square meter. With its fine fiber they easily pass the air, do not overheat and do not brew the body. They provide the perfect temperature for sleep. To protect the coverlet of dirt it is better to use a duvet cover. Duvet covers protect the quilt so you don’t have to wash it often. We also offer a large selection of percale bedding sets.