» » Bed linen, bed sets and bedding sets – Interesting facts

Bed linen, bed sets and bedding sets – Interesting facts

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Bed linen, bed sets and bedding sets - Interesting facts

Have you wondered by you will find only the most beautiful bed linen in 5 star hotels? That’s because luxury bedding sets – bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers– represent fabrics of the finest quality. Celebrities love bed linen, and so do Wall Street CEOs and Hedge Fund managers. Owning bed sheets of pure linen is a major status symbol. It is a reflection of your class, lifestyle and superior standards.

What makes bed linen so special? Here you will find quality information on bedding and bed linen as well as some interesting and somewhat curious facts about bedding and bed linen that you probably weren’t aware of. So let’s get started!

Fact #1: Linen is made from flax fibers and is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Linen has been grown for over two thousand years. It has many fine qualities that have been appreciated by generations of men and women.

Fact #2: Linen was grown widely in Egypt over 2500 years ago. It was seen as a symbol of light and purity, as well as a symbol of prosperity. The Egyptian mummies were often wrapped in linen.

Fact #3: Linen sheets have microscopic breaks throughout the fabric, which gives them a slight massaging effect.

Fact #4: You shouldn’t buy bed linen that are labeled “easy care”, “wrinkle free” or “permanent press” as such fabrics are treated with a toxic chemical called formaldehyde resin, which won’t go away no matter how much you wash the cloth.

Fact #5: If you want to freshen up your bedding, maybe you should consider replacing the pillowcases. In fact, you should replace the pillowcases twice every year.

Fact #6: Did you know that linen is a breathable fabric, which means it is conductive to heat and has high air permeability. It feels warm in the winter and cool in summer.

Fact #7: Did you know that cotton bedding sets are extremely water absorbent? They absorb as much as 20 percent of their weight in moisture before feeling wet in any way.

Fact #8: Over 40 percent of Americans sleep with just a fitted sheet and a duvet cover, and do not sleep with a top sheet. It’s pretty much the same in Europe, where it is uncommon for people to sleep with a top sheet.

Fact #9: You can prevent wrinkles from forming by taking your bed linen out the dryer while they are only slightly damp and warm and put them on the bed. The bedding would then feel as though you have ironed it.

Fact #10: Just because some bedding sets advertize themselves as being made from “organic cotton”, this may not be necessarily true. While the fibers were possibly grown organically, they are unlikely to have been processed without any toxic chemicals whatsoever.

Fact #11: Fabrics that come with the Oeko-Tex certification can be considered to have been made without the use of any toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Fact #12: Sateen duvet cover sets becomes softer and shinier with each wash. They have a special texture and softness that is very unique to them.

Fact #13: Linen is anti-static and softens the skin because its natural pH balance.

Fact #14: Making your bed each morning keeps dust mites away. So make your bed immediately after waking up in the morning, on a daily basis.

Fact #15: Bed sets are environmentally friendly, as bed linen is fully biodegradable. Bedding is a renewable resource.

Fact #16: Always wash the bedding with cool water as hot temperature breaks down the delicate fibers and wrecks your bedding sets.

Fact #17: Bed sets are bacteria resistant, and have moisture absorbing, ventilating, evaporating and filtering capabilities. They are anti-allergic as well, which is why those with skin diseases are asked to use linen bedding.

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