» » Cotton Bedding Sets, Synthetic Bedding Sets or Semi-synthetic Bedding Sets. Which are better?

Cotton Bedding Sets, Synthetic Bedding Sets or Semi-synthetic Bedding Sets. Which are better?

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Cotton Bedding Sets & Cotton Duvet Cover Sets

Sleep is very important to our health and that of our family. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, so we use bedding sets every day. Therefore it is very important the quality and the material from which it is made.

According to fabrics from which they are produced there are three main types of bedding sets:

  • Natural bedding sets – made from natural fabrics like cotton, tencel, etc.
  • Semi-synthetic bedding sets – produced by both natural and artificial materials in different proportions (90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, 50:50, etc.)
  • Synthetic bedding sets – made entirely of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, rayon, etc.

We will review basically the first type of bedding sets – natural. It is characterized with the fabric from which it is produced – 100% natural ingredients and materials such as cotton, tencel, etc.

Cotton bedding sets are characterized by their strength and endurance in everyday use and regular washing.

Cotton bedding sets are hypoallergenic – ideal for babies, children and people with sensitive skin or allergies. Its special structure regulates body heat in different seasons. It is soft and breathable, suitable for use in summer. According to the way of weaving and density of the threads, there are many sub-types of cotton bedding sets (sateen, percale, ranforce, etc.)

Despite of increasing use of artificial fibers, cotton is still the preferred material for producing bedding sets and other products that have direct contact with human skin. Despite all its positive aspects, cotton has its negative side. The price of cotton bedding sets is considerably higher than that of synthetic and semi-synthetic bed linen.

The second and third type bedding sets – semi-synthetic and synthetic bedding. It also has positive and negative sides. As a positive side we can note a significantly lower price than cotton bedding sets and sateen duvet cover sets. As a negative side we can note the material from which it is produced. They are very rough and not recommended for babies, children and people with sensitive skin and allergies. They steam skin and do not allow it to breathe which makes them unusable in the summer. They are not durable at regular washing and daily use.

Before you decide to buy bedding sets you need to consider some important elements, such as:

  • Who will use linen (babies, children, people with sensitive skin and allergies, etc.)
  • Climate (if it is too hot or cold, dry or damp, etc.)
  • How often will be used, washed, etc.
  • The price you are willing to pay

We advise you to use only bedding sets made from 100% natural materials. All bedding sets we offer are made from 100% natural fabrics such as – cotton, sateen, percale, tencel, etc. You can see them in our shop.

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