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About us

My name is Vesela and I'm the founder of BeddingEU.

Can I tell you the story about how the company was created? I founded the company in 2015.

A very long time I was looking for bedding sets that are made of 100% natural and organic materials at an affordable price, but I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a lot. The majority of bed linen sets available on the market are cheap and with low quality. They are made of synthetic fabrics, polyester or mix in different proportions (50:50, 60:40; 70:30; 80:20 synthetic/artificial to the organic/natural material). The density of the fibers in them is very low - below 50 TC per square inch, which makes the fabric thin and not resistant to long and regular use and washing. Also, the presence of synthetic and artificial fibers can cause skin irritations and allergies. Another very small part of available on the market bed sets are made of 100% natural and organic materials with high quality but the negative side is that bed linens are very expensive. That’s why I founded this store, to offer what I lacked namely high quality, 100% organic bedding sets at affordable prices.

Our duvet cover sets are made of 100% natural fabrics without artificial fabrics and polyester. This makes them hypoallergenic and suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. All bed sets we offer are of high quality and are made of materials with a density of fibers over 200TC per square inch. This makes it extremely strong, but also very soft. They are painted with the most advanced printing technology, namely reactive printing, which is characterized by great resistance and color saturation in everyday use and regular washing. Our bedding sets will provide an incredible experience and will serve you for many years without changing their colors and sizes.


Our Mission - BeddingEU

Our mission

Our products are made of 100 % natural materials as cotton, percale, sateen and tencel –  top quality fabrics which are soft and do not irritate the skin, do not cause allergic reactions, keep warm in winter and cool in summer, are resistant to frequent washing. We are doing our best to follow the trends of fashion and offer you only modern and quality products, which to provide your calm and healthy sleep. We believe that sleep is an important element in our lives that has a direct contact with health and mental condition of a man with his energy and motivation during the day as well as the occurrence or absence of stress and joy. Many diseases are caused by irregular or low-quality sleep. (You can see more at Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School) That’s why we use only pure, no synthetic materials for manufacturing our bedding sets and comforter sets. Our duvet covers, bed sheets, and pillow cases are strength but soft and provide unique comfort in contact with human body. Your sleep is calm and deep because your body is enfolded in the mild and fluffy hug of the bed linens. In addition, bed sets are not only good on touch but are very beautiful and fashionable. You may easy redecorate your room with our different styles of bed linen colors. On our website, you may find a lot of types at an affordable price. We provide products which are tested and used by ourselves that’s why we personally guarantee the quality. Our fabrics have a quality certificate and are able to satisfy the requirements of particular customers. We offer to our client quick-and-easy online purchasing process, PayPal payment processes guarantees a safe and secure purchasing environment. Our team watches for your orders and take care everything to be well packed and tracked on time. Our mission is to present you only high quality, pure and natural products – bedding sets, comforter sets, duvet covers, bed sheet sets and pillow cases. Our customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing. That’s why we are doing our best to content your expectation of grade – of our products and our service as well.

Why Choose Us - BeddingEU

Our main goal is customer satisfaction and individual approach to every client.

With us, you are not just a customer ID, but you are a personality with who we keep in touch.

Our top priority is feedback from our customers.

High Quality Products At Affordable Price - BeddingEU

High-Quality Products At Affordable Price

All bed sets we offer are of high-quality and are made of materials with a density of fibers over 200TC per square inch.

Free International Shipping - BeddingEU

Free International Shipping

We offer free international delivery for all purchases, no matter the cost of goods. view more

14 Days Money Back Guarantee - BeddingEU

Risk-Free – 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with the products that you have chosen you may return them within 14 calendar days after received. view more

Organic And Natural Material - BeddingEU

100% Natural, Organic & Pure Materials

Our bedding sets are made of 100% natural materials as cotton, sateen, percale and tencel.

Made in European Union - BeddingEU

Made in EU (European Union)

All of our products are manufactured in EU (European Union).

Security Payments by PayPal - BeddingEU

Security Payments by PayPal

We are a responsible seller and therefore the security of the payments of our customers and their personal information are the first in our priority. view more